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Palmo Paint Unit

Palmo Industrial Group with the installation of all automatic Electrostatic powder paint to paint accurate and high quality according to the world standards for aluminum chimneys and chimney connectors for the wall panel hung gas boiler.

- For painting aluminum flue pipes for kombi boiler

- Use the best paints material made Henkel Germany

- Our painting is aeromatic free,emissions of the oven, free of heavy metals, compatible with the environment, paint thickness higher than the standard, high resistance, corrosion resistance. the beauty of the pipe surface features of Henkel Germany electrostatic powder coating used in aluminum flue pipe is Palmo.



  • Company Address: Yazd, Industrial Park, Palmo Group
  • Telefax: +98-35-37275810 10 line
  • Email:info [at]
  • SMS: +98-300072007

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