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Palmo is continuously in search of improvement, in order to provide our customers with solutions and products that meet their demands perfectly. Systems that will offer added value in the product range for both customers and installers.

Product Quality

We closely monitor product quality, by executing various quality controls. Inspections take place during the processes as well as at the end of the production lines. The locations where the quality checks are executed are clearly identified in our factory and very recognizable. Each time we test if the product meets the technical specifications as documented. For the Prefab chimneys a final inspection is executed, where besides checking the correct dimensions and composition, we also pay attention to the finishing. All measurements are registered and periodically we analyze these data to improve processes and requirements.


Reference Framework

Palmo has certified the main part of its products. This means that product quality is protected through regulatory requirements. Periodical audits are carried out by a certified inspection service. This gives an extra assurance that the products meet the required standards and that they are good as well as safe.


The relevant certifications are:

  • CE marked (conform EN 1856-1/-2)
  • ISO 9001-2008
  • Is Iri certification


Ultimately the above mentioned actions should lead to

  • Satisfied customers
  • A dedicated and highly skilled workforce and
  • Excellent product quality



  • Company Address: Yazd, Industrial Park, Palmo Group
  • Telefax: +98-35-37275810 10 line
  • Email:info [at]
  • SMS: +98-300072007

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